3D Fashion Short Ad 16 [NIXFX]


3D Fashion Short Ad 16 [NIXFX] 16:9 For YouTube (Watch Below)

3D Fashion Short Ad 16 [NIXFX] 1:1 Square For Instagram Feed (Watch Below)

3D Fashion Short Ad 16 [NIXFX] 9:16 Vertical For Instagram Story or IGTV (Watch Below)

3D Fashion Short Ad 16 [NIXFX] 4:5 Portrait For Instagram Feed (Watch Below)



1) Send us the template code of this video -> 3D Fashion Short Ad 16 [NIXFX]

2) Send us your Video (maximum 30 secs duration), Product Images (5 maximum), Logo Image, Product Name, Product Price, Website Name, Text 1 (Inside Video), Text 2 (Scrolling), Template Code of the background music (if you choose any other background music from our 30 3D Fashion Templates, Send us your .mp3 or .mp4 file of the background music (if you want to have your own music).

[Note: You can choose any background music from our 30 3D Fashion Templates and feel free to mix and match with any template that you want. They are 100% royalty-free music. Please note down the respective template code of the background music that you choose. We will add the same background music that you mention. If you want to have your own music, then please send us the .mp3 or .mp4 file of that music. In such case, we are not responsible for any of the copyright issues that may arise in future, related to your own music. The same applies to our 30-background music used in our 30 Fashion Templates. Even though the background music used in our 30 Fashion Templates are 100% royalty-free till date (27, May, 2021), we cannot guarantee that it would sustain as such for ever.]

3) We will make your 3D Fashion Short Video Advertisement of maximum 30 secs duration with all the above assets that you provide. The animation effects and color will be the same as you see in the the respective template.

4) To our knowledge, the minimum market price of this video is USD 400. But our VDOFX offer price is USD 80 only for every 30 secs video under this 3D Fashion Video Ad category. You save 80%, that is USD 320 per video. Please note that this offer price is for a limited time only. We may change this to a higher price at any time without any prior notice. BUY NOW.

5) As this is an offer price, 100% payment should be made in advance.

6) We will deliver your finished video between 2-5 days upon the receipt of your payment.

7) DELIVERY + BONUS: Your finished video will be delivered as 4 .mp4 files [ (1) 16:9 For YouTube (2) 1:1 Square For Instagram Feed (3) 9:16 Vertical For Instagram Story or IGTV (4) 4:5 Portrait For Instagram Feed to your payment email address. So you can instantly upload to the respective social media. This is a limited time offer. Once the offer ends, we may upsell each .mp4 file. GRAB THIS BONUS WHILE IT IS LIVE. ORDER NOW.

8) In case you face any difficulty in check out, please make the payment to our PayPal id: and drop a mail to Our support team will take contact you within 24 hours upon receipt of your email.

9) Your final video, produced by our VDOFX will be yours for ever. You own it and you can use, modify or edit it as you want. We guarantee 100% that it would be a royalty-free video at the time of our delivery.

10) Post delivery of your finished video, one time revision is allowed for changing the text only. As we are producing these videos at a heavily discounted price, no other changes including but not limited to Images, Video, Color, Base Template, Animation Effects or anything else will be made or entertained by us.

11) You can request for a full 100% refund before you send us any or all of your assets (please refer to points 1-3 above). Upon the receipt of your assets, we will start processing your video immediately, so we cannot entertain your refund request under any circumstances & your money will not be refunded.

12) By ordering your video to us, you agree that you have read carefully our terms & conditions posted in our website (VDOFX.COM) and legally bonded by it.

13) By ordering your video to us, you give us your consent to post your finished video including but not limited to our website, social media platforms, advertisement media or anything else as our VDOFX portfolio item.

14) Please read carefully all the above points before making any order. This will save lot of time, energy and money to both of us.

15) Most of our competitors prefer to hide some of the above points behind the curtains of *Conditions Apply or “Terms & Conditions” small letters. But our VDOFX team want to communicate in a crystal clear transparent tone with our customers in order to maintain an unbreakable sustainable relationship. We always use to put our legs in our customers shoes and value business ethics to provide a pleasant end user experience that would last for ever and trigger them to purchase from us always.


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